Anton Clarke is a lending specialist, property investor and founder of Loan Smart and Australian Expat Home Loans. His in-depth knowledge comes from more than 18 years in the industry. Anton can speak from personal experiences on the market and residential lending trends. Anton has been regularly called upon to comment in the media about the mortgage and property markets.


Loan Types and Options

The mortgage industry likes to make it sound like there are hundreds of different loan types out there, in this video we take break them all down to three main loan types and explain the difference between them all. 


First Home Buyers

As a first home buyer we understand that its not something you have done before, in this video we give you an idea of the points to consider and the help available. Topics covered include, Government Assistance & Grants, how family might be able to help you buy sooner than you think, points to be aware of when you sign a purchase contract and the importance of getting your loan pre-approved.


Investment Purchase 

When you are buying an investment property there are a number of additional issues you should consider when compared to buying a home to live in. In this video we cover topics like who will own the property and how important the loan structure and set up should be.


Borrowing to Build a home

If you are considering building a home, there are a number of important factors you need to consider which are different when compared to buy a home that is already established. Often the transaction is split in two parts i.e. Land Purchase and then the Construction of your new home. In this video we cover the topics and process that are unique to land and construction loans and contracts.